Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Alpaca Wool Goodness...

I've just put some new scarves up in my store.... they are selling like hotcakes! 
And with good reason...they are soooo soft and really really warm!

There are new gloves too...

Better be quick friends! :)

Shop here.

Things are coming along nicely thank you very much.... (+ late flea market finds!)

We are having so much fun organising this wedding. So much fun! Needing to think outside the square to make things happen has so far been inspiring and interesting, and neither a burden or an altogether difficult task. Friends and locals have been so helpful and generous it's been very heartwarming indeed.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast and purely by chance discovered that the lovely man making our coffees was in fact our marriage celebrant! We had only talked to him by phone, so had no idea it was him. We wouldn't have known at all, except Adam asked him about who had made the amazing sausages he'd just eaten for breakfast, and he wrote down the producers name on his business card. It was a beautiful meeting and he was utterly adorable as was his gorgeous newly wed wife. I just love living in a small community where moments like that are possible.

On Friday I received wedding shoes number two in the post and they are absolutely divine and fit perfectly. They are the perfect height, with a nice sturdy non wobbly heel! Love, love, love them. So glad I purchased both pairs! Wooohoo!

At the Sunday market I got some great stuff for the wedding... I purchased a stash of gorgeous vintage hankies I'm going to stitch into bunting to hang in the trees outside. I think they will look beautiful flapping in the warm Autumn breeze :) I also got a bunch of cute vintage souvenir teaspoons for the tea and coffee table, the great coloured glass vase (above) for $2- and the ceramic wedding cake topper which I will attempt to use for a Katie Runnels style assemblage.

We also got two Polaroid Spectra cameras, the beautiful wide format Polaroids, for $15-. So we now have three Polaroids to use at the wedding, for a total of $30-. Yay! The film being so crazy expensive, we really needed to get the cameras cheap. We absolutely love Polaroids, so they are definite must have for us.

Photo credit- Impossible Project

We had our lovely cousins staying out here this weekend too and it's been so nice discussing our plans with them while eating curry and drinking mulled wine. Celebrating their wonderful news that they will bringing a wee baby to our wedding (she is 12 weeks pregnant!) just put the icing on the cake! 

We also spent some time looking at land, which always makes us happy and excited... our strawbale home building dream sustains us and it was so inspiring and exciting to talk to our strwabale gurus and look around some land with them. It was a perfect weekend really, imagining lovely things :)

See other great Flea Market

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Little Bridesmaids Gift

Inspired by this lovely idea and fantastic tutorial, this is one of the necklaces I made for my lovely bridesmaids. Instead of a thank you, I used it as a formal way of asking them to be my bridesmaids. I really wanted something that they would get totally unexpectedly in the post and just get a lovely little sweet surprise to make them smile. I think it worked?

The vintage lockets & swallows came from Etsy and the chain, links and clasps were all left overs from my previous life as a jeweller. I made little cardboard envelope/boxes out of the inner roll from some wrapping paper, which I decorated with some washi tape & tied up with some butchers twine. I neglected to take a photo of these before I posted them however! I'm really loving the way this challenge is inspiring me to use what I have a be really creative in my recycling and re-using!

Just goes to show something meaningful, sweet and pretty does not have to cost the earth :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thousand Crane-athon

via green wedding shoes

I absolutely adore the beautiful Japanese thousand paper cranes tradition- where folding one thousand paper cranes is believed  to make your wish come true. These are often given as gifts to marrying couples to bring them 1000 years of happiness and prosperity. There is also the sad, but beautiful story of  Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes- a young Japanese who girl suffers Leukemia as a result of radiation from the Hiroshima bombing folds paper cranes in the hope that when she gets to one thousand she will be granted her one wish, to live. She becomes too weak finish her cranes, but her family and friends finish for her and she is buried with them, she also goes on become a global symbol for peace.

The other day I got to see some in real in real life and wow they look so stunning. I knew when I saw them that of all my planned DIY projects, this was number one. I love that it is something we will keep forever, that it has a lifespan well beyond the wedding day and I really love that it can be made entirely from recycled materials. The cranes can be made easily by anyone, without the use of tools or complicated materials.

The goal is to string them up into a chandelier that will be the centerpiece of the marquee. I'm going to use three circular pieces of wire in graduating sizes and wrap them in fabric scraps, then hang the strings of birds from them. Can you picture it?

Later it will hang in the entrance to our newly built strawbale house :)

Okay better get to work. If anyone wants to make some cranes to add to the collection, please do! You could even write a little message on the inside before you fold... a little blessing. You will need to start with a 6 inch square piece of paper. Please only use recycled paper, or paper you already have lying around. You could use old book pages, old wrapping paper, magazines etc.
And here is a link to instructions if you need them.

Fold fold fold fold fold fold.....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shoe setback...

I just got my first pair of the wedding shoes I ordered... and they don't fit!! These ones...

They are the right length, but they are so narrow I can only just squeeze my giant feet in. Oh so sad :(
The dissapointment I feel is quite remarkable really.
I guess that's the risk you run ordering things from the net hey. Lucky, I couldn't decide and Adam made me order two lots! Fingers crossed for the next pair!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chatham Girl- magical hats.

I just stumbled across these wonderful hats by Zara Carpenter, in her Etsy store, Chatham Girl.

Are they not utterly fantastic?

Beautiful images and the hats really appeal to me. When I saw the artists and writers she listed as her influences I could instantly see why I loved them so much. I've browsed lots of the 'wedding' hats/hair accessories on etsy, but nothing has jumped out at me as these have. People may think I'm a bit wacky, but I'd love to wear something this unique and fabulous on my wedding day. Maybe the fact that my dress cost $20- from a garage sale means I could splurge on amazing handmade hat?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cool Caravan Breakthrough...

I feel as though I am completely obsessed with cool caravans right now. I dream about them at night! 
And right now I am so excited to have had a breakthrough in my search for a vintage van for the wedding. I have just gotten in contact with a lady who lives very nearby and owns this gorgeous little 50's bondwood caravan!

Isn't it cute? A bit of decorating and I think it could look very sweet indeed. A bit of bunting and some cute outdoor furniture perhaps?

Don't you love the vinyl on the seats? I may have few more leads to follow up as well, so I will wait and see what that turns up before making any decisions. Maybe we could have several vintage caravans for the whole bridal party? Te he he.

I've also been looking on Ebay as I would so dearly love to buy one of my very own and make it exactly how I want it. 
I found this amazing Airstream caravan for sale in Queensland.

Of course I've lusted after one of these since seeing Dottie Angels beauty. I didn't think I would see them in Australia though. Pity I don't have $20k to spend on it! If you do, or you are curious you can see more here. Oh, how I would love to see this sitting in the back yard...

The guy who is selling this led me to another Airstream he restored for, wait for it, Jimmy Barnes!

How freakin cool is that? I have new found respect for Barnesy now! I wonder if he'd let me borrow it for the wedding?

Simple perfection..

Isn't this the most divine picture? I just adore everything about it. My dress is actually quite similar in shape to this. I love the flowers cascading down her dress and the bouquet, the bouquet is just perfect. I love the hanging wristlet thing it's got goin on. So it can just hang around while you sip your champagne! Perfect :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Creative Space...

I'm sitting here staring at collections of things for the wedding. I have a suitcase full of doilies & lace and vintage tablecloths to be stitched into table runners and bunting. Problem is I can't seem to get past the collecting stage and the sitting and staring stage. Though it appears I have now moved onto the procrastinate on the computer stage. I'm not sure that's progress though.

I'm also enjoying staring at my growing tin collection- not particularly creative, I know, but it will be when I put flowers in them on the big day. Something like this...

Pretty don't you think?

I think maybe it's too cold to be creative today. Perhaps I'll make a cup of tea and read my book instead? I'm on the last in the Millennium Trilogy, and Adam can't wait until I'm finished- he says he's a book widow. Te he he!

Check out more creative spaces here :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alpaca Wool Scarves

Brrrrrr.... let me tell you, it is COLD in Daylesford! Wowee!
It feels like it's going to snow any minute and I'm actually loving it! I'm loving the toasty fires, the yummy hearty winter food and I'm especially loving this super soft luxurious Alpaca wool. We are so lucky to have this amazing wool mill near by.

I made myself a scarf and so many people have asked about that I've made few for my shop. 

You can see more here :)
Stay warm chickens!

More Vintage Caravan Goodness...

How cute is this!! A matching car and caravan! 
Oh how I would love to spend my first married night in this.
But alas my search for a vintage caravan to hire continues. I've emailed a few people but have so far had no luck. They are either not quite what I want or else they are too far away. Boo. Looks like I might have to settle for a tent!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on shoes....

I've been sick, and been looking after two sick kidlets for the past week. Bohoo. 
It's given me lots of time to look at and think about my favourite topic, shoes! In this case of course, wedding shoes.
So here a few I've been thinking about...


Snakeskin Mary-Janes- cute and would go quite well with my dress I think, but I'm not sure I like the heel or the thin strappyness of the straps.

Blue babydoll snakeskin pumps- I really like the shape of these, and the colour. My only concern is the height of the heel. I will be walking on grass and stones and stuff and I hate to twist my ankle or fall over when I'm meant to be being graceful and glamorous!
Or, plain simple, sweet Mary-Janes. Nice heel height, I love the wide strap and cute buckle. Would work well with my dress, which is cream- but are they too boring?