Monday, August 30, 2010

Life is what happens when you are making other plans...

Things have gone completely off the rails here. 
I'm going to have to start all over again.
With a completely new plan.
New date.
New place.
New dress.
Pretty much everything I've done so far has been a waste of time.
Why you ask?
Hhhmmm.. you shall have to wait and see!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Creative Space...

My creative space today is, as always, a complete mess! A mass of barely started and half finished projects. There's the flowered headband part of my birdcage veil...

The almost finished pot mitt, just awaiting some bias binding...

A pile of doilies and bias binding ready to make this bunting on the weekend. Awesome bridesmaid and very helpful lovely friend are coming out to help me get some folding, cutting, gluing drinking and sewing done. So expect some major progress.... hopefully......

And that's only one desk! I have six desks in my studio and they are all covered in stuff! There are half finished dolls, half finished brooches and hairclips for the market this weekend, half done embroidery, about five half finished items of clothing for Charlie, the teepee I made for Charlie which was a complete disaster and continues to sit there and mock me, a whole pile of things to be altered or mended, half done cushions, hankie bunting that needs to unpicked and re-stitched, a huge pile of stuff for the yet to be tackled wedding invites.... oh the list goes on.

What I wouldn't do for a few days of solid child free crafting. I wish I were more patient and focused and could just do one thing at a time. Damn... I'm all over the place, it's like... crazy! Oh well, I guess I get it done eventually.

How about you? What's happenin in your creative space? Check out more over at Kootoyoo...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair and Holgas...

After yesterdays musings on photography, I was inspired start making some cushions- some of which will sit on the yet to be discovered awesome & affordable couch in the photo booth.
 I got these two done from and amazing vintage wool coat and some nice doilies. You can't tell from the photos, but it's the most lovely fabric- the tag said 70% wool, 30 % rabbit hair. Actually once I started making them I wished I hadn't cut it... it would have been great as a skirt or a cape. Oh well, I'm happy with the result! It also meant I used up some of the ton of stuffing I have stashed away from making toys. The next set of cushions will be from some hemp/yak hair fabric I've been saving.... I have a little hair thing going on...

I've also been researching the world of Holga's... can't believe I didn't know about this camera before! I have just invested in the wide angle and the cheapest normal Holga. I got them from Amazon, as that seemed to be the cheapest place (around $30- for a basic model). I think the wide angle will look amazing with the landscape of our venue, and be fabulous for group and crowd shots.

What I've leaned about the Holga so far is this...
The cheaper and dinkier your Holga the better. Don't go for a more expensive one as the cheap ones best create the effects that make Holga pics so dreamy and moody. It's a very basic plastic toy camera, and that's the joy of it. 
And don't bother getting one with a flash, because it's pretty useless apparently. Better to get any old cheap hotshoe flash for it (or borrow one).
You can use 35mm film in any Holga- just put some foam in the top and bottom of your film to hold it in place.
When you load your film do it in darkness then tape it shut with black tape to seal up the light leaks.
Hmm... yep that's a good start. Can't wait to get it and start playing around with it! Stay tuned for lots of ace Holga shots and some from our Lomo fisheye!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Professional Photography

I've been ruminating lately about having or not having a professional photographer for our wedding. Does it fit with my whole diy wedding ethos? It does not appear to. It's easy to want some amazing professional photos of the day, especially when I spend so much time looking at stunning, creative photos like these on gorgeous wedding blogs.

But the cost (starting at around $3,000) for me personally is too high for a few pretty photos. I guess to some people 3k is nothing right? But if I had that as small change, I think I'd prefer to build a well in Africa or put solar panels on a Nepali monastery or something. Also, the style of most wedding photographers, especially around here, is just not at all what I want.

So here we have another challenge- to get some great photos of the day without spending a fortune. Now to do this I need a plan. The plan so far is this...

Photo Booth- We will set up a photo booth with a good digital slr and a remote, with a beautiful backdrop, and maybe a gorgeous couch and some nice handmade cushions etc. So people can take photos of themselves. A great way to get group shots of people- and I imagine the later it gets, the funnier the photos will be.

I absolutely adore polaroids, I always have and I always will love the they look and feel. So I have cameras and a stack of film stashed which will be trusted to selected friends.

Photographer friends-
Friends with some level of photographic genius will be allocated an hour in which to capture what they can. I figure this way it won't all fall to one person, an hour is do-able, we won't miss any important bits and we will get photos in a variety of styles over the course of the weekend. A few of us have good digital slr's and the joy of digital is of course that you can correct and manipulate them, shoot, delete, shoot again etc. Right?

So if you fancy yourself handy with a lens, do feel free to put your hand up oh wonderful friends of ours...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today.. ta da!

Today's little piece of craftiness is this simple wee flag... which in our case will be used for little goats cheese piccolos, but would be equally as good in cupcakes, mini savouries or anything that appears to lack flag style cuteness.

So easy to make- all you need is a roll of washi tape (which you can buy here, here or here) and some toothpicks. Fold Washi tape around the end of the toothpick and secure tightly, cut to desired length and snip a little v shape out of the end. Ta da!

This is great project for the weather we are having here today, freezing, with wind and rain interspersed with brief (very brief) moments of sunshine. It even snowed for about 2 minutes this morning while I was at the local opshop. One of the ladies exclaimed 'It's snowing!' and we all ran to the windows like children. So cute!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not a caravan, but a tent my friend...

While looking for a new family tent on Ebay the other night we absolutely feel head over heels in love with this French, Andre Jamet 1970's masterpiece. We've been talking about needing a new tent for a while, and we marveled at how we found the perfect one on our first look. We just had to have it. After a few tense days of constant Ebay checking (Adam made the auction page his home page on his Blackberry)... she's ours!

Check out the curtains on the inside? Ah, definitely the best tent ever. So I can now be proud to say that yes, my first night as a married woman will be spent in a tent, but not just any tent.

Now I need to hit the flea markets and op shops to deck it out in full 70's style! Yeehah!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh great doily-ness!

Image by Gia Canali Via 100 layer Cake
It's no secret I love the humble doily. I really really love the myriad of clever ways people are reusing and reinventing them and they are featuring heavily in our wedding. Hence I am so inspired by this beautiful mountain wedding. Isn't her dress just stunning! She hand crocheted the doilies and constructed the dress herself. Amazing no? Is there nothing a doily can't do! Ah... it's simply stunning. T the green is so divine, and those shoes are just perfect! I never would have thought of putting those two colours together, but I love it. What a gorgeous bride hey? Just goes to show you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress to look amazing.

New Chie Mihara..

 I know I've raved about Chie Mihara before, but these ones are new, and I'm in love, so in love. Not being able to buy anything new never hurt as bad as it does right now! Oh the perfection of these shoes!! Wow.
I'm going to be watching Ebay closely to see if these babies come up second hand! Or maybe Santa will bring them for me? A wedding present perhaps? 

Okay, Nonnie has the little person I should be sewing doily table runners, not drooling over shoes I can't have!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wednesday Finds... Shrugs

From Hollystalder on Etsy

Gosh it's been almost a week since my last post! Well I've been working on boring things, not worth posting about- trying to collate all our guests addresses ready for the invites, trying to navigate my way around Illustrator which can easily while away hours since I have no idea what I'm doing... but the invites are getting closer to being ready to put together. So stay tuned.

So back to today's Etsy finds... I've been thinking about how to add a little warmth to my wedding ensemble in the cool mountain evening.
How gorgeous is that shrug? And made from a recycled tablecloth! Maybe not warm, but so stunning! Love the colour too.

 Also from Hollystalder on Etsy

I love the ruffles on this one, so feminine but funky at the same time don't you think? I'm loving her work actually, she has some stunning dresses as well. Check them out.

From SweetKnitting on Etsy 

 What about a wool shrug? I love this one, Isn't it pretty? I love the way the collar sits up at the back. And you could dress it up a bit more with an amazing corsage.

From VintagePatternHouse on Etsy 

Here's a pattern so you can knit your own gorgeous bolero. Again you could jazz it up with a gorgeous handmade corsage. Very cost effective!

Or a beautiful vintage 1940's fur capelet. Elegant and classic. Fur may not be everyone cup of tea though hey.

I love them all! How do you choose? Well I don't think I can. I'm going to send some pic's of things I love to my gorgeous couture sewing, hand lace making, vintage queen and very special bridesmaid and ask if she can make me something amazing from recycled goodness. Ohh how exciting!