Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love love love...

These gorgeous creations from Etsy seller Lonkoosh

Made from bits of recycled vintage jewellery and vintage inspired bits and bobs, they're just perfect for a wedding no?

Pity I've run out of time to get things posted!

Ah, they are just so pretty, I had to share :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I wonder...

The pretty gloves for the bridal party on are hanging on the line, flapping in the warm breeze. It made me think of that time just before you have a baby, when you're nesting, getting ready, and you wash all the little baby clothes and hang them out to dry. You gaze up at them and hey look so tiny and sweet. 

You're trying hard to be prepared for something there is no way to really be prepared for. No matter how organised and in control you are, the experience will floor you, it will turn you inside out, make you feel things you didn't know you could feel, show you courage, strength and love you didn't know you possessed and change everything forever. It's healing and trans formative.

Is getting married going to be just a little bit like that I wonder?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hard decisions....

Messy beehive....

Or set curls, with a birdcage veil?

P.S- Don't you think that Joan is just the sexiest woman ever to grace the television?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jobs ahoy!

Well I had a very productive weekend! I managed to cross quite a few things of the mega list with Adam entertaining Charlie most of the weekend. I found this hilarious jar yesterday at the market- quite ironic I thought, and perfect for my mineral water straws.

I made a simple little birdcage veil, using this tutorial. I made the flower from some antique lace and silk that belonged to Adam's grandma. I'm not sure I'm going to wear it, as I'm still tossing up between two hairstyles, but it's done if I do go that way.

I used the remainder of that gorgeous vintage atlas to make these sweet heart decorations. I think the new baby can have them hanging over his or her bed after the big day :)

I made individual name tags for everybody to tie onto the stem of their glass. I find at these kinds of things you are always misplacing and mixing up your glasses- I hate that! So this is my solution :)

I have a basket of vintage napkins wrapped in the lovely paper napkin rings my fabulous friends made at our crafternoon. Though I realised I'm about 30 napkins short.... oops back to the op shops!

I have my seed packet favours printed out, cut out stuck together and ready to fill. I used this ace free download. And I'm going to fill them with Peony Poppy Seeds.
I also made a backdrop for the photo booth, wrote my vows, sorted most of the music for the reception, and found time to my Kris Kringle contribution to our craft group Christmas dinner.

And I even found time to make myself a little skirt from a couple of pretty vintage aprons. I thought I could wear it this coming weekend when we are off to this festival for a child free weekend of music and relaxation.  It's been SO long since we've done that! It's our way of reconnecting before the wedding. Life with children, whilst planning a wedding and the building of a house, not mention being pregnant and tired- has meant we've not had much time or energy for each other lately. 

I'm so looking forward to a weekend of just us :) 

How was your weekend? Fabulous I hope! Happy Monday morning :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three weeks to go!!

And that's the list of jobs that still need to be done!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally... the invites!

At last you get to see what I did with the Mills & Boon collection, and no I didn't read them, though the back covers were pretty hilarious!

I tried to only collect the older ones, with these beautiful painted covers. Then I ripped out their inside pages so that I just had the covers.

Then using this garden stripes invitation suite- I made individual bookplates with the guests name on them (it says, this book belongs to...), and a center page with the wedding details. I glued on the bookplate and stitched in the center page.

Then I made the RSVP to look like a library card, with cute little envelopes to match.

I glued in a little library card holder and the RSVP and the return envelope tucked in neatly like this.

And lastly I made a little bookmark from a op shopped vintage atlas, to put some extra details on. I also made the envelope wraps from that atlas and have been able to incorporate it into some of my decor projects too. It's beautiful old thick paper with gorgeous colour.

I think they worked out pretty well in the end don't you?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My creative space... (handmade wedding ring)

So, I went back to my old studio and made Adams wedding ring. I was having so much fun making it that I didn't take many photos, but here it is before I added the gold band. The gold band is made from Adam's parents wedding rings which were melted down and shared amongst the three brothers. So it's a bit special. The silver is recycled from past projects. 

I rolled the silver out to the right size, beat it to add texture and soldered it round. Then I did the same with the gold, making it just big enough to slip over the top when I heated it. I soldered the gold onto the silver, then continued to beat it the right size. 

Pickled it (acid bath cleaner), polished it and scrubbed it and voila!

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and how long it took me (only 5 hours). Adam absolutely loves it and said it's exactly what he wanted. And it didn't cost us (or the planet) anything :)

Check out many more super creative peeps here...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I've been tinkering with today...

I pilfered this old fence paling from my friend Jen's woodpile the other day and discovered I'm quite handy with a saw. Charlie came along as I was making it and said 'what are you doing?'. 'I'm painting a sign for the wedding', I said. 'Holy moly' was her reply :) 

While I had the paint out I fixed up this old box that was rotting in the shed. I put a new bottom on it and painted it white. I think I will put a bunch of matching jars in it and fill them with flowers. Can you see it?

And I finished a few more strings of doily bunting. I got a bunch of perfect round doilies from the masonic trash and treasure last weekend. I'm thinking we might have a few of these strung between two wooden poles dug into the sand, standing behind us on the beach for the ceremony. I can see them flapping in the breeze with the beautiful azure sea in the background. What do you think?

I also bit the bullet and purchased these shoes on Ebay to wear with my 'new' vintage dress. After spending many tired hours searching for the right shoes (it makes it a wee bit harder not being able to buy new!), obsessing and becoming deeply confused, I feel really happy with these. They are a typical Tania style and I think I will love them not just for the day, which was one of my main goals. I'm slightly concerned about the height, but at least the heel is nice and sturdy.
Lets hope they fit!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


 Nothing to do with this post, but I'm loving this pic from HBO's new show Boardwalk Empire :)

Only six weeks to go.... and I have nothing to wear.
Honestly this wedding caper is not easy!
I started out with a specific plan and I knew exactly what I wanted to wear and how my hair would be, how the venue would look, the music, everything...
Then I go and get pregnant and hello, everything changes. Different venue, less people, on the beach, no band, can't wear my dress, different time of year....
And we are in the midst of buying a block of land to build our house on so money is limited.
It's like Ive had to plan two  weddings.
And I've made some mistakes.
When I found out I was pregnant (with no.3!) I went into a bit of a tailspin and stupidly ordered a 'maternity' wedding dress from a Chinese website. I got the dress a couple of weeks ago and it was hideous. New, shiny, heavy and layers and layers of white. So not me! And I realised my belly won't even be that big, I don't need a maternity dress. Thank goodness they made a mistake and made the dress 2 inches too big, so hopefully I will get my money back.
I purchased shoes to match my original dress, 2 pairs in fact- one of which didn't fit. 
I got a blue woolen shrug from the oppie the other day, thinking it would be a cheap ($3-) solution if it got cold. If only I could bleach it white. Well it won't bleach, and I got bleach on my favourite pants!
Sometimes trying to save money just ends up costing you more.

Okay, so that's what has been happening. It's not all roses- or peonies.
But I have found a simple, pretty vintage dress that will suit me much better and make me feel much more comfortable than the one I just returned. We've decided on a menu for the caterers, we've found a beautiful spot on the beach for the ceremony, we have an awesome celebrant, Adam has a vest (but no pants), 3 out of 4 bridesmaids have dresses and I think things are going to come together in the next few weeks.

This weekend however, I have a silversmithing studio to use to make Adam's wedding ring, so I promise lots of photos of that process next week. I will also be able to share the details of my invites with you finally. All we need now is a good weather forecast as some sunshine and refreshing swim in the lake are desperately needed!