Thursday, June 30, 2011

7 weeks.

I'm smiling and laughing.
I love to lay in my vibrating chair and stare at the fire.
My sister keeps calling me oty scroty, which makes everyone laugh, not sure why.

House design inspiration...

All images via Remodelista, except the mason jar lights from BootsnGus on Etsy,

We are lodging the planning permit application for our house this week! EeeK!
We are actually really seriously going to build a house!
After three years of reading, researching, dreaming, drawing, re-drawing and re-drawing we have finally completed our house plans. Hooray!
 Now it's time for the fun stuff. Poring through magazines and blogs to help define and design the inside of the house. I'm working on a mood board for our cabinet maker, so she can get an idea of what we are trying to acheive.
via Emmas designblogg
I'm loving this gorgeous kitchen. We want a big island bench on castors like this, and in summer we can wheel it out through the front of the house for bbq's and parties. So can't wait...

image via apartment therapy

We will be working with rendered strawbale (pale grey internally), polished concrete floors, recycled wood, cedar framed windows and a plywood clad ceiling. The kitchen cupboards and drawers will be custom made from marine ply.

Image from Kerf Design

I love the edge deatail of the ply. Plywood is my boyfriend.

Image from Dwell Magazine

Lovng this kitchen.
It looks like a place where lots of wholesome hearty food is created.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I really don't like waste...

After Otis was born, there sat in our laundry a mammoth mountain of washing, one of the only negatives of a homebirth, cleaning up afterwards! Hiding somwhere deep inside that pile was my very favourite wool cardie, and somehow that gorgeous pure wool anthropologie lovely that I stalked ebay for months to get at a bargain price ended up taking a trip in the washing machine! Not good.

I do now feel slightly better to at least have put it's shrunken felty distant cousin to good use, as a pair of pants for Otis. It's easy peasy to do, as you can see. Cut off the sleeves with enough of the body of the jumper to for the pants part, and use the bottom of the jumper, normally a ribbed stretchy bit for the waistband. A quick stitch and wah lah as they say! Perfect this icy wintery weather.

Winter Gardening to chase away the blues...

Having my hands in the dirt makes me happy. Getting out in the crisp air and pottering around is a lovely distraction from the pile of washing that keeps growing in my loungeroom. The dishes that need to be done, the dinner I should be cooking... blah... I don't dig housework.

I'd rather be picking carrots. My first crop of heirloom carrots. Pretty yes? 
Yummy too. Even the kids got excited about the pretty colours. What's growing in your garden? Aside fom carrots we have lots of garlic, bok choy, spring onions, rainbow chard, beetroot and broad beans.
 What else should we be growing? Kale perhaps? Not sure if I like it, but I hear it's good for you!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Since Otis' birth we have been the receivers of so much kindness. We've had dinners cooked for us for the past four weeks. We've had Goat Ragu with merideth goats cheese and preserved lemon, slow cooked lamb, pasta sauces, homemade beetroot fettucine, a chicken pie to die for, amazing asian dishes, fritatta's and lasagne's. We've had vege bakes, bolognese, handmade gnocchi, casseroles and stews. We've had gifts of gorgeous stinky french cheeses, freshly baked biscuits and cakes. We've had drop off's of soups packed in single serves to freeze for my lunch. Freshly made dips and pasta bakes. It has been truly amzing. The people in our community are so incredibly generous and supportive. I love you all.

Then there's the gifts... including some divine handmade goodies. Beautiful toys from lovely Neen of Nettle & Brier and a quilt and lovey bunny from the fabulous Beck of Dandelion. Hand knitted booties from a clever mama of three.

Several hand knitted hats, including this gorgeous one made by our friend Clare, who by the way just gave birth to her first baby, Bertie and still managed to knit! Being modelled by a rather gorgeous baby boy...

The traditional family present of an embroidered cashmere baby blanket. Thank you to Nonni who steppped up and had a crack at embroidering his name on it! It's perfect and he loves it :)

And I had I had to include this gorgeous Milo vest (yes, Milo for Otis!) made by super clever Kate at Foxs Lane, even though we don't have it yet! I can't wait to see him in it :)

Then there's all the beautiful non- handmade gifts (including this awesome book!), the boxes of baby clothes from people I barely know, the childminding, the people who came and cleaned the house, the people picking Escher up from school, the massages, the pot of soup put on the stove, the extra arms to cuddle my boy and the shoulders to cry on when it all felt like too much. 

It's been an amazing 6 weeks and you have all helped to make this the most special and beautiful time. The happiest time of my life. You make me believe there's hope for the human race yet. My heart is full. Thank you. You and all your kindness :)

Have you been receiving some kindness too?  I'd just love to hear about it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mailbox Love..

I just got this lovely book in the mail! I'm so inspired to find more time for knitting now. The lovely Hadley knitted me some goodies for Charlie girl when she was a baby, but now I can knit, I can do it myself! Hurrah hurrah.

Such a beautiful book. I think the pixie cap will be my first project :)
After I knit Mr Lovely's Beanie he keeps nagging me about, the booties for the two upcoming babies and the cardigan I promised myself I would start. Oohh better get knitting!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My (tiny) Creative Space

My creative space today: Otis' announcement & thank you cards.

I just realised that as our family has gotten bigger my creative spaces have gotten smaller. 
I used to be a silversmith you know. I had a huge studio and a shop and I could use burning fire things and nasty chemicals with wild abandon. I sang loudly as I worked and created crazy crazy things. Then along came my first child, my beautiful big boy Escher and I had to downsize. I took up sewing (much safer for little people, though there were still a few incidences with pins), and starting creating dolls. Then I had had no.2, our wild Charlie girl, and I had to stick to smaller projects, scarves, hot water bottle covers and small dolls. Now with three my space has shrunk to teeny tiny quick creative bursts, knitting, writing and baking- but it's so very important to keep creating right? Even if it is something small.

Only five years util Otis goes to school, and maybe my creative space will be restored to it's former glory. Lol.

Aren't the cards cute? Oh how I love bunting! With my serious time deficiency, and my sleep deprived brain designing my own cards was gonna induce a nervous breakdown. Luckily I found this fabulous Australian website, Paper Posy.
 They have some great designs (the only ones I could find that I loved) and it was so easy peasy. I just sent a pic and the lovely Leili did the rest. So now I can thank all the beautiful people who have been helping us out, sending gifts and listening to me cry about how intensely full on it is with three small people in my life :)