Sunday, October 30, 2011

Current house design musings...

Two things I'm currently ruminating (I don't expect anyone to be particularly interested in this by the way).

1. Window frames.

vs UPVC (in black)

Aside form the fact that the idea of plastic windows totally messes with my head, especially when building with straw, the UPVC is actually winning.
I think atheistically, they make the place less 'hippy' looking than the wood. Imagine that last photo with concrete floors and without the icky furnishings. The contrast of the white render and the black frames is really striking. 
Then functionally, they are the most thermally efficient frames you can get and they don't require any maintenance. No painting, no oiling. Means more time for playing croquet whilst sipping a Pimm's & lemonade.

2. Wood heaters.

Mr Lovely's Cheminee Philippe

VS. My Contura

Very masculine vs feminine! As it's going to be placed in a corner, I think the tall sleek design is a winner. Though I do like that the Chimenee opens up to become an open fire. Realistically how often would you use that feature though? 

Okay I've put it on paper, I can go to sleep without thinking about it now. Night night.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm going no poo!

Over the weekend I discovered this fantastic blog and had to share- it's got me so inspired! Crunchy Betty is all about 'food on your face'- getting rid of horrible chemical beauty products, and my all time most favourite thing of all, making things yourself. Oh and saving money. There are recipes for masks and scrubs and hair rinses and house cleaners, and things like how to make a solid perfume from beeswax and essential oils, like the one I made above. I went to our local honey man and for $5- I got enough beeswax to make a lifetimes supply of perfume and lip balm! Happy lady :)

The other thing I love about Crunchy Betty, aside from her witty banter, is her challenges. God knows I love a challenge! So I've taken on her no poo challenge. That's right I've thrown out my shampoo (actually we're using it as hand wash...) and I'm goin no poo. That means no washing with shampoo or conditioning for at least 3 weeks. Apparently it is important that you do at least 3 weeks to see good results. It's kinda like the spring cleaning, it gets worse before it gets better. It's gonna get gross, probably, but I swear to stick to it.
 I will be using baking soda on my scalp and apple cider vinegar as a rinse on the ends a couple of times a week, as prescribed (see the blog for more info on how to do that).
I'm really not a fan of putting my face up on my blog, it makes me a wee nit queasy in fact, but hey, here goes...

That's is my 'before' photo. Yes that's my uneven fringe that I've been hacking at myself because it's too hard to get to a hairdresser with 3 small children. Anyway, we will see how it goes? If what they are saying is true (by they, I mean the people who have done it and commented on the blog) in a few weeks time my natural oils will have returned and I will have thick luscious hair and no need to purchase shampoo and conditioner. Hurrah!

I've also been doing the honey face wash challenge for past 5 days and I've gotta say, my skin NEVER felt better. It is truly amazing. I will never spend $60- on a Jurlique face wash again I tell you!! Seriously, try it, it's incredible. I have quite dry skin and I don't even feel like I need to moisturise after it. That has never happened to me. The other cool tip I picked up is- you can remove eye makeup with... olive oil. Can you believe that? Just olive oil. And it's so effective. And feels nice. Yep, another product I no longer need to buy. Anyways, go check it out, there is so much inspiration there- and maybe you'll wanna join me for a challenge or two?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This weeks Flea Market Finds...


This week of thrifting has been a hoot. Ha ha ha. Sorry had to say it!
I found this sweet ceramic vase @ the Mill Markets.

And this money box @ the Sunday Market.

And this lamp shade frame @ the Op Shop.

And Mr Lovely found these great old rulers (badly photographed) at a Rotary Market in Melbourne. Can't wait to see what everyone else has uncovered :) You can too, over here xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spring clean makeover time...

Apparently winter is over, though I don't think the weather man here in Mordor got the memo- it's freezing today! We did have one sunny day though, which inspired me to embark on a huge spring clean of our bedroom. Once I started, I couldn't stop. It was filthy in there- the duvet cover has big rip in it, the pillows were old and ewwww, there were piles of no longer used/wanted items everywhere. So I decided on a complete makeover. All or nothing I say. Your bedroom should be a tranquil place of refuge right? Well, we just moved the last baby (sounds like I have 10...) into his own room, so refuge it is. A refuge from the growing mass of toys and art supplies, the piles of washing, the lego creation zone and the cubbies I absolutely can not destroy. I'm thinking clean, simple, uncluttered. I'm thinking black, white and grey. Oh and I don't want to spend much and would prefer not to buy anything 'new'.

First I ditched our old 70's solid wood bedside tables for something lighter. I painted two chairs black- the beautiful old bentwood chair that our son had committed to death by swinging (hereby ending Mr Lovely's need to yell at him every dinnertime, bonus!) and a chair I found laying randomly outside in need of some glue. The extra height they added made me think we needed a bedhead, which we don't have. So instead I made the heart shaped collage (above) using a mixture of photos I liked from pinterest & photos of us, printed on our little home photo printer and stuck on with some grey washi tape.

So now we need lamps (I'm hoping for timely cheap vintage find), and a new duvet cover. Off to scour the internets for a drastically reduced washed belgian linen one, in grey please...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My creative space... meets flea market finds... multitasking.

Today I'm rallying a teensy bit of energy to tackle a wee up-cycling project with these vintage dipping crates. I found them recently at the market, and thought they'd be a great storage solution in the new bathroom.

 Since I'm going for a bit of a black & white theme in the bathroom I've been spray painting them black. They will slide into a shelf under the vanity, three across, with their sides showing. The vanity will be made from an old modified workbench, so it will have a pretty rustic industrial feel and contrast with the beautiful sleek white basin sitting on top. Yes it will.

And it will join an older flea market find, this our best find ever, the 1940's optometrists light box as the medicine cabinet. We need to rejig it a little, but it already opens up and is the perfect depth for shelves. OOhh I can't wait to see it all together in the new bathroom when it's built! I hope my vision works!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Been making...

I haven't had the energy or the brain capacity to make anything in a while, but I did manage to finish this pillow yesterday for my favourite chair. It's made from 100% alpaca wool blanketing- super soft and luxurious. Mmmm... yummy.
Thinking I might make some for my little shop? If I can find the time / energy...