Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello sewing, old friend...

After a couple of weeks of creative avoidance (mostly involving pinterest), I have finally recovered from my mammoth sculptural knit-off and am re-entering the realm of  the stitching bitch. Starting with these two custom orders I finished yesterday. Sigh. I do love custom orders- I find creating that much more enthralling when stitching with a real life person in mind. If I know the person, as I did with the first, it's an obvious pleasure (I chuckled at all the times I remember her requesting this song at parties...) and if I don't, I spend my time imagining what they look/sound/act like judging from just their name. I imagine lovely little scenarios where the item I'm creating may play an important role. Kind of like imagining stories to explain peoples demeanor and being in restaurants- do you do that? One of my favorite pass times!

So while I'm on a roll snipping little golden triangles I thought I'd have a crack at joojing (I googled it and apparently that is how you spell it...) up this dress I found reecntly at the op-shop. It had a crazy big pouffy sleeve on one side, which was so not my style. I've cut it but haven't quite resolved that particular issue. I think I'll do a row of triangles along the bottom hem too. If I works out, I might be able to wear it to the wedding we have coming up. If it works out that is. I'm not entirely sure my amateur dress making skills stretch to sewing velvet or to competently remaking a sleeve, but you gotta give things a go right? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yarn bombing sculpture... exhibition night!

Well there it is. Done and dusted. The exhibition was a great success- thanks to everyone who came along and showed their love. It was a lovely night and I was very proud indeed to have finished such a mammoth project in just three weeks! People seemed to really like it too, which is always nice :)
I'm really happy with how she turned out. She's a tricky one to photograph, but would look absolutely amazing in a funky bar or a cafe (or a brand spanking new strawbale house). 
Okay, proud and exhausted I'm taking myself off to make a cuppa xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

Le chef-d'œuvre!

I don't know why I wrote that in french, but It's almost finished! Arrgghhh For the past two weeks I've spent every spare waking moment knitting and stitching, knitting and stitching. Actually that's a lie. For the first week I did nothing, but since then I've been knitting and stitching like a loon. The small people are thoroughly sick of it I'm sure, though they are very encouraging and can't wait for the 'party'. Gee, you really find out how little spare time you actually have each day when you are trying to complete something this big on a deadline. I'm so inspired though. I really want to make jumpers for all sorts of things that don't need them. The trampoline, for example. It's important don't you think?  To tell you the truth I've actually already started two other projects as well- man I have such a small attention span! I am hoping to finish them by Saturday too, but I might be kidding myself. Especially if I sit here rambling for much longer! Anyway, if you are near to our fair town, come along on Saturday. There are other great local artists, Mr Lovely will be playing some sweet tunes and I believe that there is free booze...