Friday, April 27, 2012

Lustful lighting...

Oh my god right?
These amazing lights are made by and old friend of mine, Chris Boots
He's a very talented fella that one- I remember loving his work way back when he was wrapping found chair frames with string. Oh the bad old days of crazy Melbourne share housing! Anyway, I can't stop thinking how fabulous (sure that word is an understatement) the second light, the prometheus, would look above our dining table in the new house. I wonder if he has any dishes he needs washing...
But seriously, I'm thinking if I could make all the other light fittings myself, maybe I could blow our whole lighting budget on this one light? If I'm going to spend any money at all on lighting I'd like it to be spent on something truly incredible, and something truly incredible that a friend has made is like awesome to the power of a million. Don't you agree?
Happy Saturday Peeps, I hope there are some beautiful things in your world today :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We has a building permit!!

Terrible photo I know, I've not had a shower (is that vegemite on my nose?) & I don't have a photographer (the 3yr old is so not interested...) but people I am SO bloody excited! We finally have our building permit! This feels so absolutely momentous- after what feels like an eternity in the planning stage we are about move into some actual physical building. Holy hell. Let the grand designs nightmares begin! 

Just after my post yesterday I went to pick up what I thought was one of my million Ebay purchases from the post office... and it was a big fat beautiful council envelope. I actually squealed (seriously!) and did a little happy dance right there in front everyone. We bought a bottle of champagne, but were too tired to drink it by the time all the kids were tucked up in bed. So we spent the evening collating our quotes and tweaking our costings spreadsheet ('cause thats how we roll...) and then of course I couldn't sleep as my mind was racing- ideas swarming my brain. Oh my god! We are building our house!!??? Oh my god, I am now officially a project manager.... eek! I'm on a bit of a high right now, can ya tell?

So one more hurdle to jump- finance. Hopefully that won't take long. Our fantastic builder, the wonderful Mr strawbale maestro, James Henderson (you can check him out here if you are interested), is ready and waiting. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

I'll leave you with these cute images I found on the weekend in my friends cafe Grigons & Orr (great cafe, you should check it out sometime if you are in Melbourne ;)

Seriously cute huh? God I love 50's architecture, I'd totally build that now! If only it would cost that little!! Have a wonderful day friends :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Creative Space... one million and one.

In my creative space today: the latest addition to the jumpers for things that don't need jumpers collection. Deer antler #1. Deer antler #1, lets call him Simon, has a partner, but she's still being dressed. She shall make her debut soon I hope. Knitting these is distracting me from the serious business of waiting for our building permit to come in the mail, the only thing holding us up now. It's a serious business this waiting. Every morning I race out to the letter box, and every morning I return dejected. Every day I mumble and curse the council, the building surveyor and even the post man, whose fault it probably is not. Maybe tomorrow will be the day... you have to stay positive don't you?

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Been busy busy adding some new goodies to the shop. I got my hands on this gorgeous gold italian calf skin leather and I'm LOVING it. So is Mr Singer, bless him. I'm so inspired at the moment to create, I only wish I had more time. Anyone wanna babysit? We are this (see me me holding up my fingers illustrating a teeny tiny gap) close to starting the building of our house. Maybe I'd better get as much sewing in while I can hey? Stay tuned for a housie update very soon. Oh and tomorrow I'm hitting a whole town garage sale- so stay tuned for some vintage finds (hopefully)! Hope you've had a rad week :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sewing machine love.

Hey! How was your Easter? Well, I spent Easter Monday with my new boyfriend.
Yes, that's right! He's quite a bit older than me, but man is he in great shape.

We are totally in love.

He's an old industrial Singer sewing machine, that my dear husband had stashed away in the shed. I always knew he was there, but he had a scary looking frayed cord, that I presumed too ancient to be fixable. Of course I once again underestimated the creative powers of my dear Mr Lovely and a trip to the hardware store and few cable ties later he was up an running like a dream. Oh except when the foot got stuck and I started screaming because I couldn't make him stop- but nothing a little lube couldn't fix.

He stitches leather as though it were silk and doesn't miss a beat when I feed four layers of heavy wool through him. Ahhhh why did I wait so long to be near your Mr Singer? You make my expensive Janome look and feel like a tinker toy. Imagine all the things we can do together? I hope this isn't just a fling Mr Singer, I really wanna go steady, so please don't break my heart.