Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still no word on the loan, still waiting patiently. I don't do patience particularly well, so I'm improvising by keeping myself extra busy. The picture above is how I am imagining us in six months time- looking with awe at our new home. The kids are even pretty much the same age! The sun will be shining again, it will be christmas time and my dear friend Pascal will be visiting form England. So much to look forward to.

But for now it's cold and dreary and wet. I've spent the morning sitting by the fire penning snail mail to my family in New Zealand and crafting a few things for the new house, packing them neatly into the trousseau. A knitted lampshade, a dala horse rescued from the tip painted new and some pom pom garlands for Charlie's new bedroom. I'm making lentil, sunflower seed and chia seed burgers for dinner as my number one has decided he's a vegetarian. Or almost a vegetarian. Today I bought my dear Mr Lovely a present for his 40th birthday which is in a couple of months. I got it from one of those online sale websites (You know, Brand Exclusive, Ozsale, I think Amazon has one too- do you use them? I absolutely love them!) and it was $1000- off. Seriously, a thousand bucks! So I'm pretty happy with that indeed. I'm a thousand bucks richer...

Anyway, maybe tomorrow will be the day we find out? Maybe tomorrow it will either snow or be sunny? Hows the weather where you are?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hearts desire...

Aggghh waiting. I feel like my heart has permanently relocated to my throat, I'm on the verge of being overwhelmingly ecstatic about the house, but just can't quite let myself go yet. I don't know how long it's going to take to get the banks okay, and I'm not entirely sure I can stand the wait. Yesterday was a magical sunny winters day, and all I wanted was to be down on our block where the sun shines all day. Our current abode, surrounded by trees is dark and damp and the longing to there with the sunlight streaming in my big double glazed windows was immense. So we went down and set up a cosy spot to have a cup of tea from a thermos and flew a kite. It was lovely. So lovely.

 We are on the edge of something big, the biggest big of my life in fact, I've never worked so hard on anything before ever. And it all hinges on this one thing so please, please Mr Bank man / woman, say yes!! Universe, I've been good, really good for a while now, we've both worked so hard being and doing everything required of you as grown ups and parents and all we want with all our hearts is this house. This home for our family. Fingers crossed for us please my friends :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

This week- kicking butt.

Finally finished the antler bomb! Lovin the way they turned out and the great difficulty trying to mount them has been worth it. They are on display at the new StMel Cyclery & Gallery here in Daylesford (next to Bakers Delight, in the Coles complex). Don't you love it when a plan comes together? I'd been just dying to see how they'd look in real life and I've gotta say, I really love them! I'll definitely be making more of these guys. 

Speaking of plans, house type things are moving along nicely. We signed a contract with our fabulous builder and we've set a start date of July 2nd! July 2nd!!! Aaggghhhh SO excited!! All we need now is an official yes from the bank and it will be time to partay ;) On the verge of feeling elated- but am forcing myself to stay calm until we have this final thing signed sealed and delivered. I can't wait to just let all that joy free! I can see this awesomeness getting me through the winter nicely.

I've also been inspired and busy stitching up some lovely bike themed messenger bags. I had so much fun making these. They have lovely bright vintage fabric lining inside, which allowed me to spend a couple of lovely hours picking through my neglected stash. I'm thinking next I should do a few craft themed bags? Its so much fun coming up with the slogans- it reminds me of being in high school and thinking up band names. I remember sitting with my best friend and taking turns coming up with them, laughing hysterically. I wonder if he remembers that? It's funny the things we remember and the things we forget isn't it? Anyway, the bags are in the shop and also down at StMel in real life.

Okay, gonna get out in the vege patch while the sun's out- hope its lovely where you are today :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

International Yarn Bombing Day- Daylesford!

Our lovely Daylesford is looking wee bit special on this sunny Queens Birthday :)
Not bad for a teeny tiny town hey?

Monday, June 4, 2012

My yarn bombing project..

Guess what? I'm not allowed to knit! Can you believe it? I think I might have carpal tunnel and though I tried to blame it on lifting a heavy baby all day my doctor thinks it's definitely from knitting. Meh! I have exercises to do and I'm to have a break from repetitive activities. So... I've decided to do a Janet Morton / Penelope Durston style doily tree for my yarn bombing day contribution. 

I've un-picked all the doilies I stitched into a backdrop for the wedding to be re-used for this project. I think this may be their last ;) So now I'm busy stitching them together into useable sizes. I figure thats the way to go right, so you don't have to stitch on each individual one in the middle of the night. I'd hate to have to add frost bite to carpal tunnel on my list of craft related injuries. I'm going to go out when the baby wakes and measure the tree too- maybe draw up a wee map with corresponding pieces- sort of guerilla craft ikea styles.

 I think they will look much nicer and happier in their new home- exciting! I wonder what other people will do? Can't wait to find out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

International Yarn Bombing Day 9th June

It's this Saturday. So get knitting stitching or cutting up an old blanket and go pretty up your part of the world. If you do I'd love to see a pic, leave message with a link ;) I've tried to rally a few crafty peeps around these parts to hit our main street with some woolly goodness, but given our crazy life at the moment I probably haven't organised it as much a I needed to. there is always next year! Hopefully though, a few dedicated folk will be out in their snow gear late Friday night, needle and thread in hand and we will see the fruits of their labour Saturday morning. Stay tuned!

Ps- I stood in a huge chicken poo in my socks while taking that photo, so come on, make it worth my while ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello gorgeous!

My big boy Escher meeting his gorgeous new baby brother. **Swoon***
Not even a day old and he's so totally perfect! Escher's Dad and his partner were kind enough to share their magical babymooning space with me. It was so beautiful to see them so happy and blessed. Yay. Rachel shared with me her story of a joyous and empowering birth experience which will see her and this little man have a wonderful start to motherhood and life. Really, life doesn't get more wonderful than that :)