Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm very excited...

about this exhibition of Instagram photography I've organised. I had been imagining the lovely of this for quite some time and on a day of particularly dreary winterness I decided to pep myself up with a wee project. It certainly lifts the spirits to have something cool to work on don't you think? My how winter inspires thee.

Showing at the newly opened St Mel store, which is just the coolest place to hang out now in our fair town. Great coffee, hot bikes, handmade awesomeness and of course, art.
And the artists include a couple of other fabulous bloggers- The lovely and very talented Kate of Foxs Lane and the equally awesome Beck of Dandelion Daylesford. The image I used for the invite is by another of the contributing artists, Fi Tunnicliff. This is the original instagram image... 

Isn't that stunning? Seriously, it took my breath away. Here is another...

Gorgeous yes? Want to see more? Well, come to the exhibition. 
You can have a framed limited edition print call your very own!

Dig dig.

Now we have a porta loo and a hole in the ground!


Is that a good looking hole or what?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A very special arrival...

Phase one... porta-loo!
Can't build a house without a builders loo!
It reminds me of the tardis... sitting so gracefully out in the middle of a paddock.
Chuckle chuckle te he :)
Excited... yay! Lets hear it for the porta-loo people!! Whoop whoop!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whinge post alert...

So the block still looks like this. 

Notice how there is no excavation? No slab? No nothing? Yep that's right, a big fat nothing has happened. This person needs that piece of paper and that person needs that piece of paper... blah blah blah. I tell ya, it's killing me. 

At the moment I seem unable to do much more than wait and imagine. I'm not being creative, I'm not excited, I'm not anything. Winter has seeped into every corner of my being and turned me into some kind non interesting sloth monster. The children who seem to be constantly revolving a plethora of illnesses, the never-fucking-ending house work and ever present menial chores are driving me insane. Some days I feel like just getting in my car and driving away and not coming back. There I said it.

I wish I could sit in a studio for hours- BY MY SELF- and just make stuff.

There I said it. Meh.