Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From little things...

Its coming along right?! 
It has a frame! Today the boys have started on the internal walls. I can see it pop up over the little crest as I'm driving down there and it gives me a little thrill every time I see it :) It looks like an actual house know don't you think? Being able to stand inside it and walk through the rooms is amazing and the best part is, I can't find any faults with our plan! Yay! I'm so very glad now that we drew and redrew a million times to get it right. It was frustrating at the time, but so worth it.

Also we recently found out that the owners of our current home are returning in mid December. That means we'll be living in some sort of tent / caravan / shipping container arrangement behind the house until it is finished. That should be interesting. How will I live without the internets? Potentially without a shower! With builders there at 6am. How does a baby nap on a building site? Exactly how many different meals can you make on a bbq? Do you have experience with these types of problems? Gee I'd love some advice ;) I'm kinda worried but also pretty excited as it will just be so fabulous be living there, on our land, close to our house. We'll see, I'm sure there will be some ups and downs!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fairy crowns.

Fridays Op-shopping uncovered a box full of pretty vintage silk flowers. Mind you, I could easily have missed these beauties, but little Otis started pulling them out of the box and Charlie's squeal of delight sealed the deal.

They were just perfect for fairy crowns! We twisted them around a wire form and voila! Pretty fairy princess crowns just perfect for dress ups or maybe even a flower girl outfit ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

On Safari...

Last weekend was Mr Lovely's 40th Birthday & I threw him a surprise party!
 He had decided to postpone his 40th celebration until he could have it in our house (which we thought we'd be in by now!) - so the surprise element worked perfectly as he wasn't feeling bad about 'nothing' happening for his big day. It was so cute to hear him explaining to his friends that no he wasn't doing anything, and knowing that they knew that he was doing something! The party was 'Safari' themed to pay homage to my mans love of a good safari suit and that there is the most amazing cake ever- created by my good friend Tara. My god, it was so lifelike! Absolutely amazing.

So for the past month I've been busy secretly and meticulously planning out every detail and trying to keep it all secret. I tell ya, it was SO hard. Every day I just wanted to tell him all about what I was doing, it almost killed me. I was so on edge by the final week and I was sure he knew what was going on. I'd almost put my foot in it so may times, surely he suspected something. I lured him out the designated location where 100 of his friends and relatives were waiting in a darkened room, all dressed to the nines in Safari gear and as this photo can attest, he had no idea!! That moment was absolute gold.
I cried. And I don't cry often.

The costumes were amazing! Everyone made such an effort and we were blown away by the awesomeness of our friends. We love you all. So many people helped to make it a night to remember and I am so grateful to all the wonderful peeps who put their creative mark on the evening. It was so beautiful to be able to dedicate this celebration to my dear husband 'cause he really is one hell of a bloke!

Check out that mosquito costume! Amazing.
Thank you everyone who came, helped, created and partied to the break of dawn.
We may be getting older but we certainly still know how have a bloody good time!

xx t

Thursday, September 13, 2012

House of straw- phase 1.

My apologies for the over exposure- it was clearly too early on a monday morning (and after Mr Lovely's 40th, but that deserves a whole other post!) for me and I had the camera on the wrong setting! These were the only two I could rescue from the actual pour which happened early monday morning. Otis was beside himself with all the trucks and busy workmen. Mum & Dad pretty excited too actually...

Later that afternoon this is how it looked!

And Escher and Charlie got to lie in their bedrooms!

As our slab is going to be completely exposed we were originally going to grind and polish it- but in the end we decided to save ourselves $20k and just get it burnished instead, which, it actually turns out I like much better. The polishing looks a bit too corporate, like a foyer on Collins St. This finish is a lot more industrial looking, much more in keeping with the overall style of the straw house I think. Overall we are super happy with how it has turned out :)
Next week.... framing!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grand designs action!

Gloriously the first few days of spring here have been fabulously sunny and warm. The feeling of absolute elation that comes with the first kiss of sun on your bare skin makes the long cold winter months seem worthwhile. Absolute bliss I tell you!

And with the good weather comes tradesmen! I simply cannot convey the joy I felt at the sight of a bunch of utes parked on our block- it means it's finally happening! We've had the plumbers, electricians and concreters doing their thing, getting everything ready for the slab to be poured. This is slightly nerve wracking as its the single most expensive piece of the build- you wanna be sure its done right. Lucky I'm married to a surveyor who can check that everything is accurate down to a few millimeters! 
So now we just need two clear days to pour the concrete and burnish the top- the weather charts say possibly Monday & Tuesday, so fingers crossed!

And while the boys took care of that I stuck to what I know,  gardening!
I dug this lovely big bed and planted a row of silver birch to throw a touch of lovely dappled shade on the lawn, and dwarf cherry at each end to add some pretty spring colour.
In front of them I started the planting of a citrus grove with a ruby red grapefruit (for use with vodka) and two satsuma mandarins (good for cold climates). 

Oh happy day, having my hands covered in that beautiful red soil, listening to the sweet sounds of a building site and imagining the loveliness to come.

I hope your spring (or autumn) so far has been just as lovely!