Officially a crazy person...

Hello interweb! Its been a while. Time has seriously evaded me lately and sadly dear blog, as so often happens, you have slid on down to the bottom of a huge list of priorities. Juggling everything and trying to stay afloat has become a 24 hr a day job. Either we are really bad at managing our life or, and i fully suspect this to be the case, we love it all crazy.

Our life is fairly bursting at the seams- running the final sprint to get the house finished- so many jobs to do, so many lists! And to top it all off I decide to add another thing into the mix- with my spunky friend Elle I have set up a mini shop at our local hugely awesome vintage megastore, The Mill Markets. It's been a flurry of sorting labelling & organising but we did it! Just in time for our wee towns busiest of weekends. Insert large sigh of relief. Come visit if you are from around these parts :)


  1. Your shop looks lovely Tanya. I love your terrariums. How on earth did you get those succulents inside that large two-handled jar so tidily?


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